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A look at seminal events

through the lens of Karabian's

personal narrative

Irreconcilable Differences:

Karabian’s contribution to California’s divorce law.

Armenian Origins:

Community and the roots of

Fresno Armenians

Getting Ready for USC:

The path from high school

to college.

Life in Sacramento:

Political reputation and rise

as Majority Leader.

William Saroyan:

A lively encounter at USC with

the famed writer.

Entry into Politics:

Running for office and

Sacramento dynamics.

Winning and Self Reflection:

The mechanics of campaigning

and thoughts on legacy.

Historical Icons:

Various heroes and

influential figures.

Legislative Agenda:

Tackling issues that mattered

in Sacramento

Roots and Heroes:

Armenian identity and reflections on historical figures.

Sacramento Allies:

Getting along with legislators

from both aisles.

Majority Leader:

Responsibilities as

Democratic Leader.


A terrifying experience on a hijacked Japan Airlines plane.

The Armenian Community:

Thoughts on Armenian-American activities and accomplishments.

A Special Honor:

Receiving the Order of St. Gregory the Illuminator Medal.

Armenian Activism:

The Armenian Film Foundation and the George Ignatius Foundation.

Armenian Influences:

The people who connected Karabian to heritage.

Fresno Armenians:

Memories about the Armenian community of Fresno.

High School in Fresno:

Multicultural experiences

as a youth.

Trojan Influences:

The individuals at USC who had

an impact on Karabian.

Election to Legislature:

Getting ahead in Sacramento as a member of the State Assembly.

Time at NYU:

Law school experiences and encounters in New York.

Relationship with Saroyan:

A bond with the Armenian-American author.

Meeting Fidel:

A trip to Cuba and an encounter with its leader.

USC and the 1960 Convention:

Student government and encounters with JFK and LBJ.


A look back on life, career and accomplishments.

Looking Back:

Reflections on USC

and its impact.

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